Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Singapore river timeline

Back in the 1800s, the Singapore river was used as the centre of trading, both useful as a area for goods and trade to be carried out through the waters and where storage houses could be built at the sides of the river. It was a major centre, also, Singapore river.

The trade artery of Singapore, it was the lifeblood of the nation and also the very area several of Singapore's local myths and legend.

Starting from the 1880s, there was heavy traffic on Singapore river due to swift urbanization and expanding trade with many huge amounts of waste from pig farms and other poultry farms, multiple ambitious but ineffective methods to clean up Singapore was set forth but failed due to the fact that such maintenances just could not happen due to the importance of the trade port...

...Until 1977, prime minister Lee Kuan Yew set a ambitious goal for the government to clean up the river, finally completed 10 years later. There were many more cleanups for the Singapore river, but this was one of the most major ones.

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